The Lazy Parent's Easy Summer Memories Idea

Summer Memories Ideas for kids

Summer bucket list ideas are something I wish we did. But I always end up not completing them. Is that you too? Well, this is our family's answer - Creating this summer memory list for kids and families. What I love about this summer memories idea is that it can be done at any time. Beginning of summer or ahem, the end of summer and beyond.

We gathered up a handful of colorful markers, a piece of white card stock paper, and our memories of summer and wrote them down one by one. Underneath each summer memory, we wrote the person's name so we could remember whose memories were whose.

It's been fun to come home after a day at the beach or with friends and write it down on our summer memory page. We did one back in 2012. Since then, life got a lot more complicated and this year. This year, we brought it back and it's going to be a yearly tradition for us.

Scientific studies have been done on the brains ability to literally alter neural pathways towards positive thinking by taking moments out of your day to really ponder the every day good moments. They may be brief, but if we take time to savor them, they become imprinted on our minds and they are like stores of happy memories to pull from when life gets rough.

If your kiddo can't write or doesn't want to write them out, we've also dictated them to each other and had another family member write them down. What I love about writing down things we have already done, is that 1) the memories don't have to be big and spectacular and 2) I don't have to come up with things to do all summer. We can just be our selves and appreciate what a beautiful simple summer we had. SO whether it was an afternoon with special friends or a special visit to get frozen yogurt...If it was special to US, we wrote it down. It's not a surprise that the most treasured memories this summer were revolved around quality time together. It also helped us be more thankful. So what are you waiting for? Even if school has started, there is still time to savor the summer. To all of you parents out there like me, who don't do bucket lists...High five and I'll pass you a sharpie.

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easy summer memory idea

Let me know if you've made a summer memory list. I would love to hear about it!


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