Connected Independence: Cox's Smart Home Tech

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I recently took a tour of the new Cox Communications Smart Home in San Diego. You may remember I took a similar tour last year. This year, the focus is on providing our loved ones, specifically seniors, with connected independence. As I toured the Cox Smarthome, I met with a variety of Cox partners who are either partners with Cox in providing reliable infrastructure (like Cable Labs) or are utilizing Cox technology to power their services. These technologies helps seniors (anyone really) live more safe, connected, and independent lives. 


What Does Connected Independence Mean To You? 

This is a question that comes to mind when I think about technology and home life. It's different for everyone. For aging adult seniors it might mean being able to live at home longer, remaining connected to loved ones through smart devices, apps, and more. Are you not able to visit your loved one every day? Would  For families, it might mean the safety and security of smart door locks, simple home monitoring, smart light bulbs and plugs so the light is always on at home.

In our family, the ebb and flow of life has meant that family responsibility has shifted and I am now in the place my parents were not too many years ago. My parents are still relatively young and barely considered "senior" so the change in roles is still taking time to get used to. Some of the challenges that I see with aging adults who want more time living independently, I have seen with my grandparents generation. So then, what does connected independence mean for us right now? 

Well, for starters, as a Cox subscriber, I know that I have fast and reliable internet. Also, you don'st have to have a "smart home" to benefit from Cox Communications Smart Home Technology. There are so many ways for the loved ones in your life to stay connected. For us, it's our kids and family who live far away.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the Cox Smart Home :

Reliable and Fast Internet Service

Staying connected means having reliable internet. Whether your family is down the street or in another state, secure, safe, and trustworthy internet service is key. Cable Labs is a partner with Cox, providing Cox with innovative solutions to the growing need for innovative data solutions and increased infrastructure. Cable Labs partners with Cox to keep the "connected" in connected independence.

Integration with Amazon Echo/Alexa

Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show all have the capability to integrate with Cox HomeLife security and monitoring. I can also set up your Echo to communicate directly with a loved ones echo without a landline (we tried this last night and spoke to my sister who lives in Chicago. The whole family could participate). You can "drop in" on a loved one without them having to answer. ou can set up Alexa to speak call anyone in your cell phone contacts list (I just tested it out and called my husband.) That's handsfree calling without ever picking up the phone.

Program your Alexa to call any phone in the U.S. or Canada for handsfree calling (great in an emergency).

Cox Homelife Integration

Fully automate not only indoor lights and home security, but home monitoring including security lights, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, surveillance systems and more. Everything is managed throughout the Cox Homelife Dashboard. Cox Smart Plugs help loved ones who may be hearing impaired with a strobe light alarm feature. Another useful feature is the motion detector - not for possible break-ins, but to help reassure family who may live far away that their loved one is up and moving about. You can be notified through the Cox Homelife Dashboard if someone hasn't moved over a designated period of time.

The Cox Homelife dashboard (left) is the helm connecting you to all of your smart devices and home monitoring.

Cox Contour

The relatively new Cox Contour interface allows for a seamless streamlined user experience. Gone are the days of squinting to see the small print on the guide. Beautiful eye catching graphics coupled with user-friendly categories helps users find what they love faster and easier. We love the voice activated search feature on the remote control. Want to watch western movies with Clint Eastwood or rom-coms with Sandra Bullock? Just push the microphone button and speak what you are looking for into the remote! You can read more about my take on the Cox Contour here.

Video call with a nutritionist means less time getting to appointments and more time spent in care. The smart utensil can help monitor food intake.

Other Ways Cox Internet Provides Connected Independence

  • Rendever Virtual Reality goggles and VR platform help seniors experience life and places outside the home.
  • Seniors can stay mentally active through online connected communities like senior forums,com, okbridge.com and more.
  • Seniors can have face-to-face video calls with nutritionists, physical therapists, and more.
The possibilities are limitless with Cox Homelife and we've already integrated a few of the tips we learned from the Cox Smart Home 2.0 Tour. Thank you to Cox Communitcations for providing an in depth look at the new Cox Smart Home 2.0.

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  1. This is really going to help so many families! I will keep it in mind too - thanks for sharing!