The Best Thing About Raising Teens

best thing about raising teens

Raising teens in today's day and age can be challenging. There are so many messages our society and  culture are throwing at them on a day to day basis. Not to mention their peers. Add to that fluctuating hormones and neurological changes and that makes for some daunting parenting years.

As a parent, I've heard it all when it comes to the struggle of parenting teens. And so far, I've just about felt it all too. What I haven't heard a lot of is the positive side of parenting teens. What are the joys? The successes? The triumphs? So, I went on the hunt for what parents love about parent teens. I asked fellow bloggers, my friends, and family (thanks mom!) to share "What's the best thing about raising teens?" Whether you have teens or will have teens in the future, I hope this is as encouraging to you as it to me.

Here's what they had to say.

The Best Thing About Raising Teens is...

"I enjoyed the energy of raising teens. There was always something going on! There was always planning and looking forward to the next thing. I also enjoyed getting to know your friends!" - My mom, Robyn.

"I think my favorite thing about raising tweens and teens is just watching them grow into the people they were born to be. I consider it a privilege to be along for the journey. I remember hearing from the moment I announced we had found out our baby was a girl, "Well, she will be cute when she was little, but just wait, she will be so awful by the time she hits puberty..." People need to quit this nonsense.  Being a tween is hard and telling someone they are destined to be awful is not helpful for anyone involved.  It is bittersweet to watch our babies grow into their own people, but I do believe that comunication, constructive confrontation, and empathy is what builds a firm foundation." - Kate of Highlights Along The Way

parenting teens

"Teens remind us of our good old days. They have a vitality and live for today! They also remind us ti remind us to remind them of how important their choices are during their teen years (and the rest of their lives." Susan Farese of SJF Communications

"Now that my oldest son is a teen, I love that I can be a little more frank with my feelings and provide him with truer, less edited insight on how the world ‘really’ works. Even though we have our moments, we are able to have deeper conversations about our feelings with each other and the world." - Lisa Robertson of BabesinDisneyland.com

"The best thing about having teens is having real discussions about real topics and learning about the amazing people my teens are becoming. We discuss our opinions about education, politics, driving , love, economics, heroes, solutions to world hunger, religion, family, friends, how to help people, humor, animals, everything. Teens have so many big ideas. It’s a blessing to be able to sit and hear them." Gina Valley of ginavalley.com

"Seeing their dreams unfold." - Diana, mentor and advocate for childhood cancer awareness

"You never get bored!" - Patricia, Mom of two teens.

"I love seeing them light up when they learn a new life skill like driving." - Naomi, mother of 2

"I really enjoy doing things with her. We enjoy concerts, movies, fun places to eat that we both actually enjoy. She's a pretty cool person." Shannon, mother of two and blogger at BentoLunch.net

"The best thing is when your teenage daughter buys you something with her hard earned money, just because. I also love seeing them be good leaders to their friends and siblings." - Cori, Mother of 4.

"I love being able to talk with them in a more mature way about situations, life, character, values, beliefs, etc. Watching them grow, learn and discover themselves and their world." Karen, mother of two.

"Watching them accomplish a goal. I get so much joy out of watching my son do his photography and live out his dream!" - Andi, Mom of two teens.

"Watching their fledgling independence grow, and as they experience successes in their attempts, seeing their self-love and confidence grow!!" - Claire, Language Arts Teacher to teens.

"You're reminded that you can control very little!" - Darlene, mother of two, grandmother of many and my aunt.

"They sharpen my views and beliefs." Roy, Father of two.

"The conversations I get to have with her." - Kalyn, Friend and mother.

"I love seeing how much they care about the world and want to make it a better place." - Jackie

"Having great conversations." - Melody, friend and mother of 3.

best thing about parenting teens

And as for me, the best part of raising teens is being able to have grown up and deep conversations with them, hear their hearts about things that matter to them, and to watch them show love to others.

What about you? What do you think is the thing about raising teens?

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