Chef Battle San Diego Highlights and Photo Recap

Chef Battle San Diego is a local San Diego event that highlights the culinary stylings of four local Southern California and San Diego chefs. They compete for one hour, sautéing, chopping,  and wielding their chef knives like the pros they are. After the competition, guests and attendees get to sample the culinary offerings each chef whipped up.

We had so much fun at the event. Each chef must race to the ingredient table, securing their ingredients for their dish within one minute. The chefs are all local to San Diego.

The Chefs Battling It Out

Chef A.C. of Canape Catering and Toronado SD

Chef Khaddy of Cooking With Khaddy

Chef Stevan Novoa of NV Personal Dining

Chef Mike of Stag Bar & Kitchen and Dori Deli

Chef A.C. made deconstructed California Burrito with a blackberry salsa (and handmade potato crisps) , Chef Mike made delicious vegan tacos plated with leafy greens, Chef Khaddy made a fried noodle dish representative of her filipino culture, and Chef Stevan made a tasty chorizo slider with an avocado dressing.

Chef Mike in action.

 Our Host for the day Samantha Thomas.

Chef Mike's souf chef, firing up the wood chips.

Chef Stevan's chorizo.

Chef A.C. in action!

Chef Mike's plated Vegan Tacos.

Chef Khaddy San Diego

Chef Khaddy's deliciousness...So many flavors!

My choice for winner was definitely Chef A.C.'s deconstructed California Burritos!

Chef Battle San Diego Recap

Chef Battle is a nationwide food battle event that is happening in cities across the U.S. Along with Chef Battle San Diego, there is also Chef Battle Spokane and Chef Battle Chicago as well as it's sister event Say Cheese Fest. To stay updated on any other local chef battle events and festivals in your area, visit Social Power Hour

Chef Batle San Diego Event


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