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Thanks for stopping by our sweet little corner of the internet. We are a family of four attempting to live our best life together after pediatric cancer. We are about life's experiences, big and small, at home and abroad. Intentional travel and a trust in Jesus are a must for us.

Family Cancer Blog

We live in the beautiful coastal area of greater San Diego, California. We are one part San Diego and Southern California lifestyle blog, part travel blog, part pediatric cancer blog, and part family blog. In fact, this blog started all the way back in 2004 and has gone through many transformations since then.

While fitting in more travel to our lives is at the heart of what we want for our future, we are so much more than your average travel blog. Because of all that we have been through, we travel with intention and joy collecting one of a kind experiences and treasured memories along the way. We also have a rich archive of creative and fun idea for families and children including recipes, crafts, cute kids food, and more.

Michelle is a photographer in San Diego, Trevor and the kids love Cross Country running, and we all love exploring and traveling.

Family Cancer Blog

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Family Cancer Blog

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